#545: 110L Aquatic Garden Zennn.....

Lathouders Rudy Kasterlee, Belgium


Be careful of your color balance. The strong yellow cast to this photo really detracts from the look of your tank. Again this is not a photo contest but with so many entries you want to attract the judges' eyes in a positive way the first time they glance at your entry!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 45 × 35 cm
Title Zennn.....
Volume 110L
Background black cardboard
Lighting Vertex 2x60cm Illumilux Dolce Bianco -
50/50 mix of Cree XP-E 3 watt LEDs
of the warm white (3500 K) and neutral white (5000K)
total 68 watt
Filtration JBL cristalprofi 900 green line
Plants hygrophila pinnatifida
alternanthera reineckii mini
rotala rotundifolia
hemianthus callitrichoides
hydrocotyle tripartita
myriophyllum sp "roraima"
hygrophila corymbosa compact
proserpinaca palustris
blyxa japonica
najas guadalupensis
riccardia sp "chamedryfolia"
pistia stratiotes
Animals 10 Xiphophorus maculatus var. red coral
2 Poecilia sphenops
10 caridina japonica
Neocaridia denticulata sinensis var. red
Materials Substrate akadama

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