#74: 60L Aquatic Garden Forest's Edge

James Starr-Marshall Finchley, England

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Forest's Edge
Volume 60L
Background 24W T5 backlight and frosted tank backing
Lighting ADA solar 2 (2 x 36W Power Compact Fluorescent)
Filtration Eheim pro 3e
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides, Eleocharis parvula, Staurogyne repens, Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Microsorium pteropus ‘dwarf’, Anubias nana ‘petite’, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Vesicularia dubyana ‘christmas’, Vesicularia ferriei ‘weeping’
Animals 10 x Hyphessobrycon eques, 12 x Cardinia japonica
Materials Redmoor Root, Cornish forest stone
Additional Information Substrate: ADA Power Sand Special S, ADA Aqua Soil Africana.
Fertilisers: ADA Brighty K; ADA Brighty Step 2; ADA Green Gain; ADA Phyton Git.
CO2: 2 bubbles per second.

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