#634: 23L Dutch Aquascape Color

Winardi Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia


It as an attempt to create a Dutch Style; contrasts in colour is there even gave the "street" a try.

However contrasts in height and leaf sizes are not there enough. The top part of the tank is still empty and with the current composition of plants it is not likely to change. Focal points are missing as well.

And where are the fish?
— Marco Aukes
Good start to your Dutch aquascape. The plants in the front need to be pruned in a manner so that they slope to the front and the plants along the back should be grown to fill out the background.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 20 × 25 cm
Title Color
Volume 23L
Background Sketch paper
Lighting HPL LED
Filtration Canister jebo 225
Plants -Amania bonsai green
-Althenanthera reinickii mini
-Us fissiden
-Buchepalandra sp.
-Hydrocotile tripartita
-Ludwigia sp.red
-Hyptiz lorentziana
Animals -Neocaridina sp.
-Ramshorn snail
Materials -Local stone (fossil stone)
-Silica sand

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