#525: 1000L Dutch Aquascape: My tank
Bart Laurens, Zoetermeer Zuid-Holland Nederland | E-mail: bartl at xs4all.nl | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Third Place

As if creating a top level Dutch Style aquarium is not difficult enough just yet, this one does it in an aquarium over 3 meters in length. Amazing aquarium, that keeps your interest left to right. There is a constant change in contrasts. Not only by colour, height and leaf structures, but also by playing around with different sized groups of plants. In addition the shifts of senses of depth within the composition also contribute to an exciting view all over the layout. There is just one weaker point in the composition, and that is Ludwigia. That group of plants somehow feels out of line with rest of the composition. But in the end: extremely high level of this tank, should end up in the top of this category.

Marco Aukes

Impressive aquascape! You've used the plant groups and colors well and mixed textures to create a nice layout. Some of the plants need just a bit more development and this would become a very nice Dutch aquascape. Good job!

Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
310 x 65 x 50 cm (1.2e+02 x 26 x 20 in)
1000L (265 gallons)
Jewel 3D Background
1 row Philips 830 (2x 58 Watt) 1 row Philips 840 (2x 58 Watt) 1 row Philips 830 (2x 58 Watt) 1 row Sylvania AquaStar (2x 58 Watt)
Ceramic stones
Additional Information
2 potfilters Eheim 2040 1 Surface cleaner (skimmer) CO2 Lights are automaticly started and dimmed
My tank
1 Anubias barteri 2 Heteranthera boisin 3 Bacopa australis 4 Echinodorus spec. 5 Cryptocorine wendti groen 6 Echninodorus tenellus 7 Rotala rotundifolia 8 Hygrophila balsamica 9 Nymphaea lotus "groen" 10 Barclaya longifolia “groen” bloeiend 11 Staurogyne repens 12 Ludwigia glandulosa 13 Blyxa japonica 14 Staurogene repens 15 Nymphaea lotus "rood" 16 Hygrophila corumbosa 17 Ludwigia repens 18 Cryptocoryne balancae 19 Alternanthera rheinecki minor 20 Echinodorus kleiner “bar” met bloeistengel 21 Ammannia gracilis 22 Hygrophila difformis 23 Pogostemon helferi 24 Hygrophila corumbosa “smal” 25 Bacopa monieri 26 Javavaren
12 Carnegiella striata 2 Colisa chuna + young 16 Nannostomus marginatus 12 Hemigrammus bleheri 20 Cheirodon simulans 20 Hyphessobrycon elachys + young 4 Stiphodon 4 Rhynogobius spec. + young
No decorative Materials were used, just plants.