#498: 72L Biotope Aquascape Atzala river in its course by Paintla de los Reyes, Taxco. Guerrero, Mexico.

Amadeo Hernández Pérez San Mateo Atenco, Mexico


Great looking biotope!
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 30 × 20 cm
Title Atzala river in its course by Paintla de los Reyes, Taxco. Guerrero, Mexico.
Volume 72L
Background black paint used in the blackground
Lighting Two fluorescent tubes (T8) of 32 watts and 6500°k. 8 hours of daily lighting
Filtration Modified internal filter to improve the filtration types (biological, chemical and mechanical)
Plants Taxodium mucronatum
Animals Astyanax sp. and Poeciliopcis gracilis
Materials Sand,roots and stones collected from the natural environment
Additional Information The assembly of this biotope aquarium was inspired by the slow, clear waters of Atzala river, specifically in the area of Paintla de lo Reyes, a town in the municipality of Taxco de Alarcon in the Guerrero State, Mexico. For assembly used only some elements of nature (sand, roots and stones) based on the dry season in which the middle course of the river has a very low water level, resulting in the formation of small pools in protruding tree roots that dominates the landscape (commonly called "Old Water" Taxodium mucronatum) and some stones, which are covered mostly by dry fallen leaves of this tree. Is in these pools where they have been limited small populations of fish locally known as "Platillas" (Astyanax sp.) and the misnamed "Charales" (Poeciliopcis gracilis) who see in these natural elements an opportunity to escape and shelter to evade human presence.
On the river bank also make an appearance some green patches that are dominated mostly by ferns of the genera Adiantum and Thelypteris and liverwort genus Marchantia. Because these vegetable beings are bio-indicators of ecosystem health, and most are threatened, I decided not to include them in the aquarium, plus removal is regulated by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), national institution to ensure optimal protection, conservation and use of our natural resources.

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