#106: 27L Aquatic Garden The Swamp

Marcos Ceprian Gonzalez Hospitalet llobregat, Spain


Nice work.
— Dennis Wong
Lovely light airy and natural looking scape. I'm not sure I love the Eleocharis in the opening but overall it is very well done!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 39 × 25 × 29 cm
Title The Swamp
Volume 27L
Background white cardboard
Lighting Led RGB 25W
Filtration Backpack filter. 378 L/H
Plants Hydrocotile tripartita, eleocharis parvula mini,
eleocharis vivipara, anubia nana pangolino, anubia nana
bonsai, cryptocorine wallisii, bucephalandra sp.,
fissidens fontanus, vesicularia montagnei.
Animals Boraras briggitae, neocaridina heteropoda, clithon
Materials Red moor wood, lava Island rocks, local woods.Silica sand.
Additional Information Fertilization: NPK+Envy+Propel
Nano CO2
Substract: Manado+Help plants

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