#242: 65L Aquatic Garden Crystal Valley

Nuno Miguel de Almeida Matos Paço de Arcos, Portugal


Stunning use of color. Beautiful aquascape. Love the mix of shrimp and fish. Great job!
— Jeff Miotke
Nice trimming and colors. With such dense planting, the wood becomes almost superfluous; I think if wood was added, stronger bolder pieces will match this aquascape better.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Crystal Valley
Volume 65L
Background Opaque Vinyl
Lighting Twinstar 600S
Filtration Eheim 600T
Plants Anubias "Pangolino"
Bucephalandra "Belindae"
Bucephalandra "Brownie"
Bucephalandra "Broad Wavy Leaf"
Bucephalandra “Green Wavy”
Bucephalandra "Fake Catherinae"
Bucephalandra "Kedagang"
Bucephalandra "Mini Needle Leaf"
Bucephalandra Motleyana "Braun/Rot Narrow"
Bucephalandra Motleyana "Riam Macam"
Bucephalandra sp. Red
Bucephalandra "Velvet Leaf Entikong"
Crepidomanes cf. Malabaricum
Cryptocoryne "Flamingo"
Cryptocoryne “Lutea Hobbit”
Cryptocoryne Parva
Elatine Hydropiper
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Marsileia Hirsuta
Microsorum Pteropus "Green Gnome"
Pogostemon Helferi
Riccardia Chamedryfolia
Rotala "Coin Leaf"
Rotala "Gia Lai"
Rotala "Green"
Rotala Wallichii
Animals Boraras Brigitae
Caridina Logemann "Pure Red Line"
Caridina Multidentada
Celestichthys Margaritatus
Neritina Pulligera
Otocinclus Macrospilus
Materials Ryuoh Stone
Red Moor Wood
Additional Information SUBSTRATE:
ADA Aquasoil Amazónia
ADA Power Sand Special
ADA Tourmaline BC

ADA Brighty K
ADA Brighty Special Lights
ADA Green Gain

TMC Reg. w/Solenoide Valve + 2Kg Cylinder
ADA Glass Counter
ADA CO2 Indicator
NEO CO2 Difuser (Small)
ADA Outflow P - 4 (13mm)
ADA Inflow V - 5 (13mm)

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