#274: 300L Aquatic Garden "Way Pengubuan" River

Mamed Rahmad Lampung Selatan, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Sensational forest layout. Many colors and nuances lots of textures and details.
I liked the green light spotlights in the middle of the trees widening the horizon and the perspective of the layout. As always I usually think that the amount of driftwood is exaggerated. I am follower of "less it is more".
I liked the central path and I only disagree from two or three bucephalandras that are placed in an inappropriate place with a wrong scale. Too bad the photograph is pale and washed out. But this is a layout to mantain forever ... wonderful! Congratulations.
— André Longarco
Good forest scape. I like the natural feel of this layout. Good Job!
— Jeff Miotke
Wood work is emotive and well placed shadowed areas contrast lends a sense of drama to the scene. Planting is complex but not disorderly; a festival of different textures and shapes.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 60 × 50 cm
Title "Way Pengubuan" River
Volume 300L
Background Sandblas stiker
Lighting DIY LEd 1x120 wtt
Filtration Atman 3338 x2
CO2 3buble/s.
Plants Moss,Fisident fontanus. Flame,Weeping,Java Spring,Buchealandra,Browni sp.green,Hygrophila pinnatifida,Hydrocothyle tripartita,Michrantenun sp var montecarlo,Bolbitis heteroclita,Rotala rotundifoli, Micrantenummicrante hemoides. Microsorum pteropus narrow
Animals 30 Hyphessobrycon amandae
Materials Subtrate. Soil amazonia. Eragon stone. Silica sand. Santigi wood. Sengganinwood

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