#302: 288L Biotope Aquascape Stream of Mount Lao(China) after a rain in summer

Sun Kai Qingdao, China

Awards and Comments

First Place
Beautiful setup stunningly arranged wonderfully lit and shadowed and photographed to enhance the illusion it is a natural waterway. The surface riffles from water flow add a nice touch.
— Cara Wade

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 40 cm
Title Stream of Mount Lao(China) after a rain in summer
Volume 288L
Lighting LED 50w
Filtration Filter bucket
Plants Phragmites australis
Animals Rhinogobius brunneus,Opsariichthys bidens,Cipangopaludina cahayensis,Pseudorasbora parva
Materials Stream sand an stone,Pterocarya stenoptera.woods and leaves
Additional Information As a biotope aquarium lover living and working in Qingdao for a long time, I always want to find opportunities to show the amazing underwater world around me to my fellow hobbyists around the world. I also want to show our charming natural streams to local people in Qingdao, so they could understand that the beauty of nature is ubiquitous and deserve our care.

I love the gobies, and I am particularly fascinated by Rhinogobius brunneus. I am very fortunate to have this beautiful species living around me. Creating a stream biotope tank to keep Rhinogobius brunneus has always been my own plan.

The stream of Mount Lao is the main destination for my snorkeling in the summer. In a few days after a heavy rain, I was shocked by the booming biological community there: All the newly broken Pterocarya stenoptera are washed down and stuck together by the powerful water. Dried Pterocarya stenoptera leaves are soaked in water and then stay on the bottom. Phragmites australis along the shore are expanding enthusiastically. Opsariichthys bidens are constantly challenging the rapids, looking for preys. Male Rhinogobius brunneus are shuttling through the pebbles dexterously, and sometimes ostentatious displaying the dorsal fins to show off, in order to win the favor of the female with eggs. Although the stream is chilly after the heavy rain, I was just too fascinated to leave, as almost a part of this community, completely integrated into nature. At that time, I hear my heart, isn't this the best auqascaping inspiration? So, here comes this work. In order to maintain the real natural scene of the aquascape, all the materials were hand-collected from the very stream, including the branches of Pterocarya stenoptera.

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