#384: 299L Aquatic Garden The Divide

Jimmy Feng Markham, Canada

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 48 × 21 × 18 cm
Title The Divide
Volume 299L
Background nil
Lighting 1x 4' Finnex ray 2, and 1x 4' Finnex 24/7
Filtration 2x eheim 2217
Plants Buce. multiple species, spikey, flame, pheonix moss (geppi, nobalis and fontanus), s. repens, AR. Mini , Pogostamon siamesis, Marsilea sp. cranatum, crypt parva, mini pellia, Hygrophila Araguaia, Hc. Cuba, Rotala mini butterfly, rotala Bonsai, Red moss,
Animals Black Neons Tetras, Blue Dream Neocaridinas
Materials Seiryu Stones, Malaysian driftwood, roots, ADA carbian sand
Additional Information The divide depicts the separation between two scenes, one that is more hardy with different shades of green on the left and the one that is more colorful with more penetration of light. I have been working on the Divide for 2 years.

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