#385: 284L Paludarium Venus in the Nagual

William A. Roberts Tucson, United States


This makes me smile!
— Karen Randall
A riot of colors from a rich array of plants both above and below water that have clearly been established and healthy for a while.
— Cara Wade

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 46 cm
Title Venus in the Nagual
Volume 284L
Background Black silicone, plastic eggcrate, Eco-Complete (black), NEHERP Vivarium Substrate, Great Stuff, Seiryu Stone, PVC
Lighting Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 (2 bulbs) (over top), 25 watt Common Compact Flourescent Bulb (1 bulb) (over top), T5 Dual 6500K Aquarium Light Freshwater Plant Extendable (external front of tank, just below waterline)
Filtration HW-303B Cannister, charcoal pad, Seachem Matrix, Seachem Purigen, phosphorus pad, ammonia pad. Various Loc-Line 3/4" ball socket fittings (2 outlets, both to waterfall), Hydor In-Line External Heater
Plants Too numerous to count. Lost track Years ago...
Java fern, frogbit, dwarf hairgrass, anubias nana, marimo moss (attached to cork round), cryptocoryne wendtii, pella, glossostigma elatinoides, ludwigia broadleaf, sagitaria sublata, staurogyne repens, cryptocoryne undulata, java moss, bacopa carolinia, am sure a dozen more I've forgotten...
Land plants
Fukien tea bonsai, sheet moss, cushion moss, haircap moss, lichens, bladderworts, star moss, tillandsias (bulbosa, fuego, caput-medusae, brachycaulos, tenuifiolia, etc), assorted neoreglias, assorted succulents, assorted bromeliads, hell, I don't know anymore..., lemon butter fern, micro sword fern, satin pothos and, of course, 2 venus flytraps
Animals (here we go...)
3 common tree frogs (that breed every three months like mad and drop about a billion tadpoles in the tank and then, a month later, a billion really small cute common green tree frogs), three long tailed lizards (that also breed happily), one Cuban anole (that, insanely enough, bred once without a partner), two common fiddler crabs, 4 purple and yellow vampire crabs, a billion red cherry shrimp, 6 amano shrimp, multitude of assassin snails, assorted nerites, 10 neon tetras, 5 assorted fancy guppies (male), 1 insanely obnoxious albino angel wing bushy nosed plecostomus, 4 otocinclus, 6 breeding Kuhli loaches, 1 red crowntail male betta, springtails, red wiggler earthworms, various sowbugs and, probably, Jimmy Hoffa somewhere...
(incidentally, all Very happy and not even remotely crowded - each occupy different layers and strata, all have been co-existing for over three years)
Oh, and an african dwarf frog - first tenant, over five years.
Materials Seiryu Stone, Mopani Wood, Azalea Root, Quartz Geodes, Malysian Driftwood, NEHERP Vivarium Substrate, Cork Round
Additional Information Waterfall in top left falls full height (very difficult to photograph falling water without blurring) to grotto Behind large left peninsula, left peninsula juts out Not from rear of tank to front but from the Left side of tank to center (think large "thumb"), right side small peninsula fully attached to right center (wrapping behind cork round to rear), three seperate undulating layers to upper strats, Sera Flore in-line CO2 reactor, Zoo Med Repitifogger, custom built intake and exhaust canopy fans (1 each)
Very Special thanks to Rebeckah Rapp, Laura Leebrick and Natalie Applebee for their ceaseless encouragement, unbridled enthusiasm and small, flexible hands.

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