#418: 1000L Dutch Aquascape: My Dutch ditch
Bart Laurens, Zoetermeer Zuid-Holland The Netherlands | E-mail: bartl at xs4all.nl | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

First Place

Dutch Style aquascaping almost to perfection. Great contrasts and variation, perfect health in plants and interesting from left to right. And that in an 310cm is a huge achievement to be proud of.

Marco Aukes

This tank has a lot of red, but spread over a much larger area, and the red is a counterpoint to the varied green tones and leaf shapes. The plant groupings in front lead the eye further back into the tank, just as they should. Lovely tank!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
310 x 65 x 50 cm (1.2e+02 x 26 x 20 in)
1000L (265 gallons)
Jewel artificial background
Philips 830 2x 2 58 watt TL8 Philips 840 1x 2 58 watt TL8 Philips 865 1x 2 58 watt TL8
2x Eheim 2080 each 1.700 lts/hr
Additional Information
CO2, KNO3, PO4, Easy Life ferilizers
My Dutch ditch
01 Thaise lotus 02 Hygrophila guyanensis 03 Tonia fluviatilis 04 Alternanthera rosefolia 05 Aponogeton robinsoni 06 Hygrophila balsamica 07 Ludwigia glandulosa 08 Rotala macrandra mini 09 Bacopa monnieri 10 Nymphaea lotus “groen” 11 Eriocarulon seiboldanium 12 Bacopa carolina 13 Tonia Belem 14 Ammannia gracilis 15 Lobelia cardinalis (mini) 16 Blyxa japonica 17 Lymnophila aromatica “green” 18 Cryptocorine bullosa 19 Ludwigia inclinata verticillata var. Cuba 20 Staurogyne repens 21 Hydrocotyle tripartitum 22 Barclaya longifolia 23 Alternanthera reineckii minor 24 Hygrophila corymbosa smal 25 Rotala rotundifolia “super red” 26 Lobelia cardinalis (wave) 27 Hygrophila difformis 28 Potamogeton schweinfurdi 29 Eriocarulon vietnam 30 Miriophyllum 31 Althernanthera spec.
Epiplatus annulatus Pseudomugil luminatus Aphyosemion bivittatus Colisa chuna Hyphessobrycon amandaes Hyphessobrycon elachys Stiphodon atropurpureus Otocynclus affinus Pseudogobius javanicus
no hardscape materials