#472: 198L Aquatic Garden TURO DE L'HOME

Bernat Hosta Rovira Barcelona, Catalonia

Awards and Comments

First Place
I think you did an amazing job replicating the terrestrial painting you chose. And what a marvelous tribute to a wonderful man! This is a fresh new look at the “woodland” aquarium. The detail is wonderful it is light and bright and uses a lovely variety of plants rather than the moss and Buce that we see in so many darker woodland scapes. Well done!
— Karen Randall
This work is almost perfect. A diorama. I liked the look and feel of the layout very much. It looks like an enchanted forest. The strong point of this work was the sensitivity of the author to work magnificently the trunks and crowns of the trees. Sensational masterwork. The bushes and shrubs were also very well represented. They seem real. The only caveat I make in this masterpiece is the back part where I believe the pebbles could be replaced by plants or have a smoother more natural skyline. Awesome work.
— André Longarco
Exceptional skill in recreating this scene. Planting is very strong to reinforce the overall feel. Great job!
— Jeff Miotke
Execution is outstanding. Plant textures and placement fits the perspective work and sense of scale perfectly.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 50 × 44 cm
Volume 198L
Background Wall painted with sky color and a transparemnt plastic sheet
Lighting 2x HQI lamp of 70W, 6500K color
Filtration FLUVAL 406
Plants Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba' ,
Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo',
Rotala Rotundifolia ,
Bucepahlandras variety,
Ceratopteris Siliquosa,
Criptocoryne parva ,
Criptocoryne Petchii,
Hydrocotile tripartida ,
Eleocharis parvula,
Anubias pangolino,
Anubias barteri nana
Animals 20x Rasbora Espei
Materials Slate river rocks
Briar wood
Additional Information I just wanted to transmit the same pacefull and relaxing atmosphere that Grygoriy Polishchuk tramsited with his painting “ BIOTOPE AMANO”, I found this picture full of expression of a nature view with a nice structure and depth to be done in an aquarium. The painting is a picture of the garden done by Takashi Amano San in his home at Niigata.
The pond efect is done using a piece of mirror.

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