#526: 20L Aquatic Garden A Midsummer Night's Dream

Chan Hiu Tung Hong Kong, China


I appreciate the effort in the technical work done on the hard scape. However I find there can be better consistency if the right side stems were pruned to match the left side.
— Dennis Wong
Your tank is clearly vibrant and healthy and you have clearly put time and effort into an intricate scape. But it looks a little over-worked and there is too much vertical movement which stops the eye. Try to create lines that draw the eye across and into the scape and it will do better.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 21 × 26 cm
Title A Midsummer Night's Dream
Volume 20L
Lighting Opnova 360 x1
Filtration Eden 511
Plants 1. Rotala wallichii 2. Rotala sp."hra"3. Bucephalandra 4. Riccardia chamedryfolia / Coral moss 5. Vesicularia ferriei 6. Micranthemum - Monte Carlo 7. Pogostemon helferi 8. Cryptocoryne parva 9.Aegagropila linnaei
Animals Ruby Tetra
Materials Drift wood and rock

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