#566: 43L Paludarium The ink mountain

Yong Guo meihekoushi, China

Awards and Comments

Second Place
I really like the “water vapor waterfall!”
— Karen Randall
Every single piece here from rocks to plants to twigs/vines to leaf shape size and color is perfectly matched to fit this diorama scene. Fantastic execution. Hope some of the fish were removed per this water volume.
— Cara Wade

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 50 × 90 cm
Title The ink mountain
Volume 43L
Background White cotton
Lighting The water dance RGB 90W
Filtration Crazy stone CS800
Plants Cloud bamboo BB grass Fu lu tong Red checkered grass Fern green cloud Qi li xiang Golden grass Short-staple moss Triangle moss Chili rongping Mini rongping Pepper, grass
Animals Silver tip lamp

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