#623: 40L Paludarium Dry Season Hubris

Russell Leidich Orlando, United States

Awards and Comments


— Phil Edwards
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 41 × 41 × 30 cm
Title Dry Season Hubris
Volume 40L
Background None
Lighting IKEA Arod floor lamp with 1260-lumen 5000K PAR38 LED bulb
Filtration None, just a 90 GPH JP-032 powerhead pointing inwards from rear
Plants Cryptocoryne sp., Anubias Hastifolia, Glossostigma elatinoides, Vesicularia montagnei, unknown wild melon sword (Blue Springs Park, High Springs, Florida)
Animals Tanichthys albonubes, Lucania parva, Caridina multidentata
Materials Driftwood (hardwood core laden with labyrinthine insect boreholes), pool filter sand substrate
Additional Information Schools of juvenile fish can often be seen thriving in muddy gullies, just shortly after the dry season has ended with a thunderstorm or two. But this is a precarious climatic transition, which can occasionally revert to drought, so it takes a certain foolish hubris for a fish to thrive in such an environment, with the plants barely beginning to repopulate the barren river mud, newly flooded with spring rains. (Videos of this and other aquaria will be available at https://www.youtube.com/user/dangerousfishbowl/videos )

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