#644: 200L Aquatic Garden Let it Burn

Dama Refiyuda Jakarta timur, Indonesia


Hardscape construction work is impressive and the overall effect of red plant highlights with shadowed archways is dramatic. However I feel that when wood work is overly heavy-handed and composition is layered too symmetrically it gives an air of artificiality to the aquascape.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 50 cm
Title Let it Burn
Volume 200L
Background Sanblast/satin sticker
Lighting DRY Led Custom 144w + lens
Filtration Atman 3336 2 unit, skimmer sunsun
Plants Rotala rotund, rotala butterfly, rotala green, rotala bsd, styrogen repens, marseila hitsuta, hairgrass, bolbitis, kadaka fern, windelov fern, java fern, buchepalandra, fissiden moss, ricardia moss, willow moss, weeping moss, java moss, xmast moss
Animals Amandse tetra, cherry shrimp
Materials Gading wood, senggani wood, seiryu stone

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