#645: 504L Aquatic Garden The Cliff

Dama Refiyuda Jakarta timur, Indonesia


Wood work is detailed with a strong sense of flow and the force of nature can be felt through the rigorous planting done. However this composition of two sides of tree trunks lined up into the distance has been done to death. Though masterfully crafted the lack of novelty prevents me from ranking this at the top.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 70 × 60 cm
Title The Cliff
Volume 504L
Background None
Lighting DRY Led Custom 180w
Filtration Rio 4000 2 unit, skimmer sunsun
Plants Marseila hitsuta, styrogen repens, tenellus, crypto, baby tears, buchepalandra, bolbitis, mini bolbitis, java fern, kadaka fern, needle fern, mini needle fern, willow moss, ricardia moss, fissiden moss, weepung moss, riccia moss, flame moss, hydrocotil
Animals Rainbow fish
Materials Santigi wood, gurex stone

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