#675: 151L Aquatic Garden Steady

Japheth Ryan Fabella Vancouver, Canada


I like the interplay between plant textures and colors here. Great sense of vigor of nature conveyed by exuberant plant growth. One gets the sense that this is a living breathing aquascape rather than plants being used merely as make-up on other hardscape heavy aquascape. However hardscape structure and definition is a bit muddled by planting; clarifying focal points would have given the aquascape more structure overall. Having some parts of hardscape bold and outstanding enough to match the rigorous planting would make the aquascape stand out even more.
— Dennis Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 16 × 15 cm
Title Steady
Volume 151L
Background Privacy Film sheet
Lighting Custom LED lighting
Filtration Canister filters x2
Plants vessicularia montagne, eleocharis sp. mini, hygrophilla pinatifida, bolbitis heudeloti sp. dwarf, rotala rotundifolia, anubias nana petite, anubias nana mini, bucephalandra brownie sp, nymphea zenkeri, limnophilia aromatica, sagittaria subulata, ludwiga palustris
Animals 5x male electric blue ramirez's
30x hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
4x ottocinclus macrospilus
8x horned nerve snails
8x amano shrimps
Materials Amazonia, Hornwood, Spiderwood, Seiryu stones, colorado snd mix.

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