#729: 27L Aquatic Garden 重生

KO CHIA YI Taichung City, Taiwan


I find this layout refreshing. Plant selection is nice and hardscape work blends well with substrate zone. Front patch of grass still a bit sparse would have been good to allow it to mature some more.
— Dennis Wong
Cubes are very hard to aquascape. This is an example of how to do it right. The layout needs more maturity. Great job!
— Jeff Miotke

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Title 重生
Volume 27L
Lighting ADA 301G + ADA Aquasky Moon 301
Filtration ES-150
Plants Eleocharis sp , Hygrophila Pinnatifida , Java Moss , Homalia sp. , Rotalananjenshan
Animals aracheirodon simulans , Tucanoichthys tucano ,
Materials driftwood

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