It is with great pleasure that the Aquatic Gardeners Association announces the results of the 2023 AGA International Aquascaping Contest. The contest had another outstanding year with excellent participation in every category, including a number of beautiful aquascapes submitted to our new Riparium category! And we again had many spectacular aquascapes entered in the Aquatic Gardens categories making the judging very challenging for our panel of judges to pick the best aquascapes for this year’s contest.

Speaking of our panel of judges, we had a very accomplished group of judges that applied their expertise to this year’s aquascapes. The success of the contest is dependent on their hard work. Judging this contest is a daunting task that requires our them to take time from their work and home obligations. Without their willingness to participate, our aquascaping contest would not be the success it is today. The AGA is incredibly thankful to all of our judges for your participation!

The contest would not be the success it has been without the generosity of our sponsors. We had a number of very generous sponsors supporting our contest this year including: Seachem Laboratories, Oase Living Water, Florida Aquatic Nurseries, AquaLifeRX, PetZone, Amazonas Magazine, and the Chicago Aquatic Plant Society. Thank you for your generous support!

On the AGA side, I would like to thank the Contest Planning Committee including Cheryl Rogers, Jen Williams, Omid Niavarani and Karen Randall, all of whom were instrumental in helping to ensure the contest ran smoothly in 2023. Many thanks to Antonio Nikolic of Bolbi Aqua for creating this year's graphics. And a huge thank you to Erik Olson, the AGA’s tech guru, who not only handled the aquascapes as they were received, but also the preparation of the final website for our contest showcase. Thank you volunteers, judges and sponsors for your hard work and support!

So, without further ado, enjoy this year's aquascapes!
Bailin Shaw, AGA Contest Chair

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Contact us by December 18th, after which the placings are finalized.


I am very happy to participate as a judge for the 8th time in this renowned and relevant aquascaping contest. In addition to the feeling of belonging I am proud to be part of this team of such good and dedicated people and judging the work of our community is a privilege for few. I have no doubt that the AGA contest is one of the biggest responsible for the dissemination of aquascaping in the world and that our joint work organization judges and participants serves as an inspiration for thousands of people. I wish long life to this association that each year earns even more of my respect and love.
God bless you all.
— Andre Longarco
Judging from various perspectives and reflecting participants' efforts and potential in multiple aspects is a truly meaningful experience. Taking part as a judge in the AGA Contest driven by passion and interest has been a remarkable endeavor.

The efficiency and reliability of the judging system significantly impact both participants and judges. Particularly minimal errors are crucial. This outcome is a reflection of the dedication and expertise of those managing the operation and the system. Their passion and professionalism elevate the quality of the contest providing participants with a fair competitive opportunity.

Being a part of this system as a judge is a great honor for me. I express my gratitude to all the participants who showcased splendid works.
— Cho Jaesun
This year was again a year filled with beautiful aquascapes for us to enjoy as we had the privilege of judging them. Thank you to all who participated. It is truly impressive how many incredibly talented people we have in this wonderful community!
— Karen Randall

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