#103: 155.8L Aquatic Garden Standing Still

James William Beronia Baguio city, Philippines


The phrase 'we are standing still!' carries many thoughts. Your concept is so impressive. I'm curious to see how you intended to express it through the hardscape because it seems like the current appearance might have slightly obscured the root-like feeling you aimed to convey due to the growth of the aquatic plants. I'd recommend the final trimming about a week before photographing. Looking forward to your next artwork. I'll also stand by to support you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 56 × 30 cm
Title Standing Still
Volume 155.8L
Background White Oyama Sticker
Lighting 2 pcs Week aqua z200 pro
Filtration 1 Tidal 55, 2pcs Canister filter
Plants Coral Moss, Fissidens, Christmas moss, tripartita, Anubias nana petite, bolbitis, Bucephalandra mini, bucephalandra mix SP, flame moss, subwarstang, rotala green, micro sword, monte carlo, pinnatifida, pennyworth, pearlweed, cabombca green, weeping moss, anubias dragon claw. java fern mini.
Animals 20 Ember tetra, 40 Galaxy rasbora, 10 Nerite snail, 20 Shrimps
Materials Aquasoil, Sand, Drift wood, Sieryu stone
Additional Information My layout for this is year is tribute to the Philippines struggles. we are standing still! my inspiration is a photo from Pinterest that caught my eye. this photo is a disaster, dark, black and white and I want to bring it to life. it is a hanging tree but the roots is keeping the tree stand, that is why I call it Standing still, just like me, I never give up. I like to challenge myself by joining international competition like IAPLC and AGA.
This hobby that will remain in my heart forever -James Scapes

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