#124: 720L Paludarium 密林清淼

王卓昀 山西, China


The land section of your paludarium is well designed with considerable depth created by the layout of the hardscape. You have a nice mix of plants that are well placed to provide good flow for the land portion of the layout. However your water portion was not emphasized at all and unfortunately detracts from your beautiful design. Aside from a few Anubias interspersed in the water portion it is devoid of plants and hurts your overall score.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 100 cm
Title 密林清淼
Volume 720L
Background 发泡胶
Lighting 森迪LED
Filtration 滴流盒
Plants 葡灯鲜,短绒藓;细雨藓;白云凤梨,北极星,霉点,Neo.Cynaea,Neo.zoae,Vri.Apache,Vr.corcovadensis,姬凤梨,琳达,青叶薜荔,垃圾人,丹麦细叶铁,小水榕,云母蔓绿绒,
Animals 绿虎皮
Materials 紫柚木,杜鹃根,火山岩

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