#125: 132.7L Aquatic Garden Heart of the Canyon

Titas Das Kolkata, India


Very interesting hardscape work!
Good shadows movement and perspective but there was a lack of details with plants and especially in the large area of very white substrate which attracts a lot of attention from the observer.
Perhaps bushes of Rotalas in the background would give more depth and richness to the work.
Keep aquascaping you have the skill.
— Andre Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 46 × 38 cm
Title Heart of the Canyon
Volume 132.7L
Background White Vinyl
Lighting 1 × Chihiros WRGB 2 pro 80cm
Filtration Canister Filter
Plants Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba, Taxiphyllum sp. Peacock, Riccardia Chamedryfolia, Fissidens Crispulus, Bucephelandra sp., Calicostella Prabaktiana, Eleocharis Parvula
Animals 7Ember Tetra, 5 Green Neon Tetra
Materials Dragon stone, ADA ver. 2 aquasoil, JBL sansibar river sand
Additional Information Fertilizer: Tropica Specialized Nutrition

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