#132: 54L Aquatic Garden HUTAN KALIMBOAN

MATHEUS THEO FENANLAMPIR Manado, Domisili di bogor, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This scape is beautifully done and extremely clean. But the understory planting is too “perfect” for a forest layout. It could be improved with more varied placement and size of the plants on the floor of the forest. I DO very much like your glimpses of bright stems peeking through the “forest” in the distance.
— Karen Randall
A work with a very strong impression. The foregound looks a bit boring in my opinion. The middle part especially the hardscape is exceptional! I´m also not a huge fan of the red plants in the background. Anyway keep up the good work!
— Nigel Hoevenaar
Very well executed forest style layout.
Good perspective with lines of force and shadows.
Awesome detailing and good distribution of plants.
Good choice of fish but I believe that for this proportion of aquarium Neocaridinas should be dispensed with as they attract a lot of attention.
Speaking of attracting attention I don't know if red plants were a good choice.
The negative highlight was the lack of elaboration of details on the front with small rocks or different types of gravel as well as the accentuated parallelism with the front glass which gives a flat look and monotonous.
But in any case it is an exquisite work in such a small space congratulations!!!
— Andre Longarco
Living near inspiring and beautiful nature is a true blessing. It's enviable that the artist resides in such an environment. There's a significant difference between drawing inspiration from actual nature and drawing inspiration from photographs. The structure of this piece is solid and beautiful. Personally I feel that having a few more variations in aquatic plant species could enhance the overall composition but considering the artist's intention to emphasize hardscape the current setup is already sufficient. Nevertheless a few more aquatic plants in the background would be great. I'd love to visit the KALIMBOAN forest. Thank you for sharing your memories and this wonderful piece. Congratulations!
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
Volume 54L
Background Stiker kaca putih
Lighting Chihiros wrgb 2 slim
Filtration Filter Tabung lokal
Plants Moss ricardia,
Moss flame,
Rotala Walici
Animals [Cherry prawn, horn snail and rasborahngly fish] Udang ceri , keong tanduk dan ikan rasborahngly
Materials Kayu, batu, substrat, pasir
Additional Information [I made this theme because the forest in my village has many large trees thousands of years old and brings together several villages gardening in the location of the kalimboan garden or kalimboan forest. So my childhood often used to go to the garden or to the forest and it is still natural and maintained by the local community. Hopefully this work can inspire all of you.]

Saya membuat tema ini karena hutan di kampung saya banyak pohon pohon besar ribuan tahun dan mempertemukan beberapa desa berkebun di lokasi kebun kalimboan atau hutan kalimboan. Nah jadi masa kecil saya sering dulu ke kebun atau ke hutan tersebut dan masih alami dan terjaga oleh masyarakat setempat. Semoga karya kali ini bisa menginspirasi buat kalian semua

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