#157: 360L Aquatic Garden Underland

ZhangBeibei Nanjing, China


This artwork serves as a beacon for what we should express in aquascaping. Its portrayal of the underwater ecosystem is exceptional and the arrangement of aquatic plants exudes vibrancy. While using slightly larger and more vividly colored fish could have been interesting it's not a significant issue as it still complements the overall aesthetics. Beyond the competition this piece has deeply moved me and I'm now intrigued by the artist's other works. Thank you for this magnificent piece of art.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Title Underland
Volume 360L
Lighting led light
Plants Riccardia chamedryfolia,:Vesicularia ferriei ,Bucephalandra,Cryptocoryne crispatula Engl,Eleocharis vivipara ,:Microsorium pteropus ,:Rotala .macrandra"mini".
Animals Pristella maxillaris
Materials driftwood,volcanic rocks

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