#232: 359.9L Aquatic Garden 晨曦

王晨曦 开封, China

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Stunning work one of my favourites! Love the movement in the foreground and the overall flow and play with shadows. Very mysterious work. Congratulations well done.
— Nigel Hoevenaar
When I first saw this piece I initially thought it was a painting created by AI. Its dreamy and serene ambiance made me eager to experience the actual artwork. Personally I pondered that a bit more diversity in the composition could have been interesting but the structure is remarkably well done and almost every aspect is flawless. Overall I believe with a bit more time for maturation it could become an even more stunning piece of art. Thank you for this magnificent artwork and congratulations.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Title 晨曦
Volume 359.9L
Lighting 威尔康a430 2台
Filtration 创星cf2400
Plants 珊瑚莫斯,爪哇莫斯,趴地珍珠,迷你矮,牛毛草,日本珍珠,迷你青椒,翡翠莫斯,日本迷你榕,辣椒榕,火焰莫斯,
Animals 黑壳虾,红鼻剪刀,黄金大胡子。
Materials 沉木,杜鹃根,火山石

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