#239: 25L Aquatic Garden the jurney

Jainuri kiswanto Boyolali, Indonesia


Your "forest" is nicely constructed with your open space just off-center which is hard to do in a tank of this shape. I think you are trying to make the large "tree" across the top look like it has fallen toward the viewer. Unfortunately it really distracts from the rest of your scape. I do not think it adds to your scape overall. You might want to re-think are the single red Platy that also draws the eye away from the scape. Finally consider a different background from the very artificial blue color. Either an illuminated translucent light panel or a plain black panel. Either could have worked better. You have done a really beautiful job building the roots of your trees in the foreground. They are lovely!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm
Title the jurney
Volume 25L
Background Full soil
Lighting Chihiros vivid 2
Filtration Canister diy 1200l/h
Plants Moss ricardia, weping, flame moss, bucepalandra, mayaka
Animals Udang rcs, ikan platy
Materials Plantasia,akar,rasamala,batu lavaroc, turly

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