#252: 36L Aquatic Garden Singaz

Ariff Rahman Vevo Wonosobo, Indonesia


You crafted a beautiful hardscape. Unfortunately a lot of the details are lost by covering it almost completely with plants.
— Nigel Hoevenaar

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Singaz
Volume 36L
Background Sunblas Putih Redup
Lighting Kandila S400 new 18 Watt (x2)
Filtration Xilong & skimmer
Plants Ricardia, Wepping, Willow, Buchepalandra, Anubias Petite, Rotala Hra, Ludwigia Sp red, Elodea (Anacharis)
Animals 5 Neon Tetra & ± 30 Shirmp
Materials Lavarock, Turlystone, Rasamala Root, Senggani Root, spruce bark
Additional Information Substrat : One Research 3 in 1

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