#287: 300L Aquatic Garden recovery

Muhammad yusuf pekalongan, Indonesia


Very well represented forest layout!
Dynamism fluidity and a lot of naturalness in this work.
The diagonal created from right to left through the fallen trunk would be much more powerful if the void was positioned further to the left following the direction of this powerful vector.
Excellent contrasts between light and dark and an incredible natural atmosphere.
Congratulations your work stands out from the rest.
— Andre Longarco
This year there have been many works representing broken driftwood but among them this piece stands out as the most aesthetically pleasing. It feels incredibly natural almost as if observing real nature. Personally I think it might be interesting to consider removing the moss above the small tree in the distance although in the overall view it doesn't seem to be a significant issue. The selection and arrangement of aquatic plants are excellent. Particularly the use of moss seems quite appropriate. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 50 cm
Title recovery
Volume 300L
Background stiker white
Lighting DIY LED 150watt
Filtration atman 3339
Plants pinnatifida
myriophyllum aquaticum
hydrocotile verticilata
water sprite
Java fern needle
rotala green
limnophila sp.mini Vietnam
Java Moss
weeping Moss
ricardia moss
Animals neon Tetra
Materials substrate, Wood , lavarock, sand
Additional Information inspiration from fallen tree

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