#302: 98L Aquatic Garden Al_Umm

Muhammad nawawi Jember, Indonesia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 35 × 35 cm
Title Al_Umm
Volume 98L
Background transparent white
Lighting Medium, 60 watt
Filtration Diy canister
Plants Moss weping, moss flame, moss fissiden, rotala greend, Rotala HRA, posogostemon helferi, anubias nana, buchepalandra black, mediun and mini, sagitaria subulata, crypro parva, bolbitis mini
Animals Amandae tetra, red and yellow shrimp, snail assasin and tanduk..
Materials Substrat, sand yamaya, iron stone, lava rock, cricket stone, local rasamala wood, sea santigi katu, cedar wood, senggani wood
Additional Information Indonesian local aquair substrate, fertilizer from Indonesian aquareset, micro macro... the inspiration for tanks came from his work danang cahyo nugroho but with my own character
the hope, with the work for the first time, the jury will sanction and convey to me the shortcomings of the design and arrangement of plants that are good and right ..

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