#311: 270L Biotope Aquascape Epifania

Fernando Puente Saldaña Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico

Awards and Comments

First Place
This is a fantastic display combining all the elements of the best kind of biotope: correct plants and fishes naturalistic and authentic composition and layout real attention to detail and ultimately a suitable habitat for the fishes used.

The aquascaper has quite cleverly managed to incorporate elements of aquatic garden design without making it obvious; the flow of the wood the use of the red Ludwigia just off centre in the rear drawing your eye. However this does not render the scene inauthentic; I myself have encountered similar tangles of wood and stands of crimson Ludwigia inclinata in the wild which appear composed in almost 'aquascaped' style but which are merely nature's creation.

I appreciate that this display also caters to the needs of the fishes providing plenty of cover broken lines of sight and soft substrates. Furthermore there has not been the temptation to fill the tank (despite its large size) with animals something which appears to have been an issue this year with other displays.

One criticism maybe that the 'accuracy of hardscape' is difficult to discern as we are not informed exactly what kind of wood it is however it certainly appears authentic.

I think the use of readily available plants and fishes also adds to the appeal. The aquascaper has relied on the detailed recreation of a biotope more than the novelty of its components.
My only additional comments for improvement would be that the aquascaper specified a particular location for the biotope and that the quality of the final photo could be better nonetheless it is still possible to interpret this as an artfully put together well-researched and carefully maintained biotope display.
— Tai Strietman
This biotope aquarium is one of my favorites. It is splendidly created to look exactly like a river bank. The care and attention to detail are astonishing! The only thing that I would have liked was a more detailed specific geographical location. "Rivers to the South of Mexico" is an extremally large area so pinpointing a specific river or other body of water would have been very useful.
— Ivan Mikolji
Really beautiful!!! I have visited streams that look just like this!!!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 45 cm
Title Epifania
Volume 270L
Background Fondo blanco
Lighting Lámpara led 120 cm genérica
Filtration Filtro canister boyu ef 45
Plants Ludwigia palustris
Eleocharis montevidensis
Animals Thorichthys meeki
Materials Arena sílice, roca volcanica, troncos, raíces
Additional Information Traté de recrear un ecosistema parecido a los ríos del sur de Mexico más que todo en los paisajes que aún quedan intactos que ya son pocos, imitando a la naturaleza

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