#327: 288L Paludarium 时代与脸谱

彭昶尧 成都, China


Very impressive work. This is something I would proudly display at a gallery. However as a paludarium the aquatic section needs more attention. Aquatic plants would take your tank to the next level.
— John Tran
You have a very well designed land portion of you paludarium and I especially like the incorporation of the trees as part of the well laid out stone portion. As nice as the land portion is the water portion is unfortunately not given any thought and our contest requires that the water portion be given equal emphasis. This is quite unfortunate as I truly loved the land portion of the paludarium.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 60 × 60 cm
Title 时代与脸谱
Volume 288L
Background Qinglong Stone
Lighting Niko LEDWater and land dedicated lights. Cherlam Spotlights.South American spotlights
Filtration Atman water pump
Plants Fraxinus spp.Acer buergerianum Miq. Acer palmatum Thunb.Polyscias fruticosa (Linn.) Harms.CotoneasterlacteusW.W.Smith.Wistevia Sinensis.Ulmus pumila L.Commersonia hermanniifolia.Dichroa febrifuga.Zanthoxylum piperitum.Dischidia nummularia.Acorus calamus L.Pilea glaucophylla 'Greyzy'.Codariocalyx motorius(Houtt.) Ohashi.Pilea notata.Bucephalandra sp.“Brownie phantom.Bucephalandra Sintang.Hemianthus micranthemoides.Marcgravia umbellata.Asparagus setaceus.Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu W. C. Cheng.Murraya exotica.Actiniopteris australis|.Adina rubella Hance.Rhododendron pulchurum‘YiNv’.FicuspumilaL.Bartramia pomiformis.Pterocarpus santalinus
Animals microrasbora sp. "galaxy"
Materials Qinglong Stone.Sweep wood
Additional Information Originating from nature.

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