#333: 180L Biotope Aquascape Inter stone

Liaobin Pingxiang, Jiangxi,, China

Awards and Comments


Not a biotope. No information on environment or plants used can't tell what they are from single photo.
— Karen Randall
While visually impressive this display was disqualified as there is not enough information on the plants used or accurate information regarding the fishes to allow the judges to make an appropriate decision.

This is unfortunate as the display is impressive. However candidates must provide complete and accurate species names for plants and fishes used so that the judges can make an informed decision.
— Tai Strietman
In biotope aquaria you need to pinpoint a specific stream lake or area. If not it can't be judged correctly.
— Ivan Mikolji

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 30 cm
Title Inter stone
Volume 180L
Background Black paper
Lighting Aquarium lamp
Filtration Filter barrel
Plants Inter stone.branch
Animals bitterling.
Materials stone.Bottom sand
Additional Information Imitate the combination of stones and plants in nature

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