#359: 151L Aquatic Garden A pufferfish’s paradise

Jacob Thompson Hilliard, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 41 cm
Title A pufferfish’s paradise
Volume 151L
Background Black plastidip background
Lighting 2 AI prime Hd’s
Filtration 1 fluval 406 canister filter
Plants Hygrophilia corymbosa, Hygrophilia polysperma, rotala rotundifolia colorata, variegated rotala macaranda, Hygrophilia chai, Hygrophilia pinnatifida, ricca fluvitans
Animals 1 Pao suvatii, arrowhead pufferfish
Materials 2 pieces of mopani wood to grow ricca fluvitans on
Additional Information Fertilization is niloug’s ei method dry packets, regular aqua terra ram sand is used, co2 is being diffused through an inline atomizer hooked into my canister filter outflow tubing

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