#397: 18.5L Aquatic Garden Forest path

Tino Denpasar, Indonesia


Amazing sense of depth! Are you sure this tank have only 25cm?
Very good balance flow and proportions except in the foreground tree. Too thick and big to the proportion of the work. It does not drastically affect the result of the work but it could be improved as it would give a better appearance.
Anyway congratulations for result!! You caught my attention!!!
— Andre Longarco
The representation of depth in a 25cm tank is unbelievably impressive. If that's the correct size I recommend creating artwork in a larger tank. Your skill is likely to give birth to amazing pieces. The current artwork is excellent in terms of sculptural aspects but it seems that the plants require more time to grow. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artwork.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Forest path
Volume 18.5L
Background Sunblast stiker
Lighting 1pcs Chihiros wrgb slim 30cm
Filtration Hopar kf1208
Plants Weeping moss, flame moss, ricardia moss, buchepalandra, hair grass, rotala hra, rotala colorata, baby tears
Animals Silvertip
Materials Rasamala wood, turly stone
Additional Information My inspiration on this layout is indonesian style aquascape

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