#404: 198L Aquatic Garden

Davor Mitevski Kumanovo, North Macedonia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 110 × 30 × 60 cm
Volume 198L
Background Foil
Lighting Chihiros WRGB 90
type "fish" in setup.
Filtration Sicce Whale 350 Canister Filter
Plants Anubias Nana, Anubias Nana petit, Microsorum Pteropus narrow leaf, Micranthemum tweediei "Monte Carlo", Nymphaea Lotus Red, Cryptocoryne beckettii, rotala rotundifolia, Rotala Rotundifolia H'ra, Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Lilaeopsis Mauritania, Althernathera reineckii "Rosanervig"; Bucafelandra sp red; Bucafelandra pygmea "Wawy Green". Bucafekandra "kedagang"
Animals Hemigrammus Rhodostomus (Rodostomus) 30 fishes
Scalare Rio Nanay 5 fishes; neon tetra - 5 fishes; and few other.
Materials Tropica substrate; Sand; Seiryu stones, mangrove driftwood
Additional Information This aquascape started as a main display tank in my living room. It started with Discus fish but I was so passionate about scaping the tank so I was in the tank constantly scaring the dicus fish often. So for their and my health I moved the discus in separate tank and continue the scape from there even though the aquarium itself is only 30 cm wide, constraining me a lot. The scape evolved over time, as I've introduced more and more plants and hardscape. This is the best result I've get until now and I want to be seen by some competent people beside my wife. :) Best Regards.

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