#407: 20.8L Biotope Aquascape Asian Biotope, 'Life Though the Lense of a Betta fish'

Clover Summer-Rose Jarvis-Deese Bayport MN, United States

Awards and Comments


This display is ultimately let down by the inclusion of what appears to be a commercially produced Betta rather than a wild-form specimen.

There has been a good attempt to create an impression of a wild habitat although these fish are likely to be found in swampy shallow habitats where the plant Vallisneria is rarely if ever encountered.
— Tai Strietman
In biotope aquaria you need to pinpoint a specific stream lake or area. "Asian Biotope" is too broad of a region to be judged correctly.
I love the name "Rain" your Betta is very lucky ;)
— Ivan Mikolji

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 41 × 20 × 25 cm
Title Asian Biotope, 'Life Though the Lense of a Betta fish'
Volume 20.8L
Background No background
Lighting LED (3.5 watts) natural lighting from behind for pictures
Filtration No added filtration
Plants Valisnaria
Animals 1 Betta fish who I named Rain, unknown amout of ramshorn Snails hitchhikers
Materials Malaysian driftwood heartscape, spruce twigs, black sand, botanicals
Additional Information
Hello! I'm Clover, I'm 14 years old, and I made this biotope on my own before I knew this contest existed, anyways, if you'd like to learn more, or see more of my builds consider checking out my YouTube channel Clover Knows Pets! anyways, thank you for reading.

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