#427: 27.9L Aquatic Garden Aráucarias

Clayton Medeiros Curitiba, Brazil


Awesome concept that reminds me the forests of the south of Brazil. Araucaria is my favourite tree and you almost reach the perfect representation of this fabulous tree. It would be necessary a little more attention with the proportions of the trunks.
On the other hand the representation of the valleys of the sierras is great.
Try in the next layout work the foreground better with more details and not so flat parallel with the front glass okay?
Anyway thank you for bringing this to me very good memories from these absolutely amazing trees!
— Andre Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 23 × 27 cm
Title Aráucarias
Volume 27.9L
Lighting chihiros
Filtration Canister SunSun hbl 801
Plants Rotala indica, Rotala green , rotala nanjenshan, myriophyllum sp. 'guyana', micranthemoides, micranthemum monte carlo, bucephalandra brownie phoenix, Bolbitis sp. Gua Angin, anubias nana petite, fissidens fox, weeping moss, christmas moss, riccia fluitans, eleocharis parvula
Animals Hyphessobrycon amandae - Tetra Foguinho , Tetra Kaiser, Neocaridina red cherry
Materials Local roots

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