#494: 108L Aquatic Garden João e Maria

Sidney ferreira dos santos São Paulo, Brazil


Very good work colorful and quite attractive.
It looks bigger than it really is!
The lines of raw and divergent forces give the layout a lot of personality. The bushes are very dense and in general the health of the plants is enviable.
The points to note are:
The inadequate proportion of Eriocaulon and especially the very centralized positioning of the layout which despite trying to show the strength and protagonism of the left side the layout as a whole seems very centralized. Another factor that accentuates this impression is the front that is very parallel to the front glass.
Even so it is a work that stands out among the rest!
— Andre Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 45 × 30 cm
Title João e Maria
Volume 108L
Background tecido branco
Lighting luminária caseira LED
Filtration filtro canister Whale 500
Plants Rotala sp hra
Rotala sp nanjenshan
marsileia angustifolia
monte carlo
eriacaulon vietnam
Animals Tetra Neon Verde - Paracheirodons Simulans
Materials Substrato Eco-complete Caribsea e mbreda
rochas Dragon stone
Additional Information 2 x Tpas por semana + Fertilização diaria com fertilizantes POWERFERT

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