#501: 144L Aquatic Garden SWAMP

Inyoman Marwita Gianyar, Indonesia

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Powerful trunk layout.
Very well marked diagonals and a lot of dynamism and personality.
Very strong shadows and great naturalness.
It's a pity the front part is so tight and so parallel to the front glass. It deserved more space to give even more perspective to the work.
It is a different work which brought an unusual and very well executed proposal congratulations!
— Andre Longarco
This artwork stands out with its bold arrangement of driftwood which is both tasteful and beautiful. The use of aquatic plants' colors adds depth to the artwork and the level of detail suggests significant effort from the creator. However if the aquatic plants in the background were a bit more organized it could have resulted in a much more stunning piece. It's a sophisticated and stunning artwork; thank you for sharing it. Congratulations.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 40 × 40 cm
Volume 144L
Background No Background
Lighting Custom HPL Lights
Filtration External Filter Canister
Plants Vasicularia dubyana, ricardia chamodryfolia, bucephalandra velvet, anubias var petit, eriocaulon vietnam, bolbytis heudelotii, echinodorus tenelus, hidrocotyle tripartita, hemianthus glomeratus, taxiphylum sp flame, ritala rotundifolia, marseilea creanata
Animals Neon Cardinal
Materials Substrate ADA Amazonia, Hardscape Arabica Wood
Additional Information Design Inspire based on Nature Jungle in Bali

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