#572: 160L Biotope Aquascape A narrow place on a tributary of Wanquan River in Hainan Island, China

Li Ang Beijing, China


While the display has put been together with obvious care and gives a strong impression of a river-habitat it is let down by the inclusion of a number of fishes which grow far too large for the tank used. Therefore it has received such a low score for overall condition.

This is unfortunate as the display itself is impressive and looks authentic while representing species and a location which are often overlooked by biotopers.

However animal ethics must come first and the display must be a suitable long-term home for the species included which here it is not. This appears to have been an issue with several displays this year and I can only ask that aquascapers take into account the eventual size of the fishes used. There is lots of information out there to calculate the 'volume' of fishes appropriate for the size of tank but even a cursory study of the adult sizes of the species used here show that they are not appropriate.

While the composition construction and dynamic of the display is effective and impactful it has been sadly let down by its approach to animal welfare.
— Tai Strietman
This such a cool well rendered biotope but... There is one fish in there that gets quite big for the size of that aquarium! Opsariichthys bidens the Chinese hooksnout carp grows past 20 cm which is incompatible with the size of the aquarium.
— Ivan Mikolji

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 45 × 45 cm
Title A narrow place on a tributary of Wanquan River in Hainan Island, China
Volume 160L
Background LED board
Lighting 90W Main Light x 1(At the top), 30W Spot Light x 1(upper left),20W Spot Light x 1 (at the rear).
Filtration The bottom bed filtration system,It consists of 40 pieces filter bricks(10×10cm)forming a bottom filtration platform. There is a water pump chamber in the rear left corner of the cylinder, which is loaded with a 25-watt water pump.
Plants Rotala rotundifolia,Eriocaulon fluviatile Trimen,Phyllanthus rheophyticus,Moss,diatom,Green algae .
Animals Parazacco fasciatus (Unique to Hainan),Opsariichthys bidens,Puntius semifasciolatus,Stiphodon multisquamus,Sicyopterus macrostetholepis,Schistura fasciolatus.
Materials stream stone of Hainan,stream sand of Hainan,dead wood branches,Slim Wood,dead leaves,plastic partitions,filter bricks.
Additional Information 1. I used the design method of condensed landscape presentation, trying to make it look much larger than its actual size (100×45×45).
2. A bottom bed filtration system is adopted, and there are no water inlet and outlet pipes in the landscape connected to the outside of the glass tank;
3. This is a water body that favors diatom algae phase. In order to achieve a balance of the proportion of diatom algae and green algae, I took the following measures: bluer lighting parameters, added silicate to the water body, and lowered the water temperature to below 25°C.
This is an example of using a standard aquatic Garden tank to create biotope Aquascape. It was an aquatic plant landscape a long time ago. When I came into contact with biotope Aquascaping, I really liked this direction, so I demolished the previous aquatic plant landscape. Utilize the height of this glass tank and build a bottom bed filtration system to raise the bottom, allowing it to achieve very effective ecological operation.

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