#576: 262.3L Aquatic Garden Emma's Underwater Oasis

David Westendorf Cincinnati, United States


When shooting artwork for contests it's essential to remove maintenance tools before capturing the piece. The absence of algae in maintaining this artwork prompts us to reflect on fundamental practices. This artwork possesses these fundamentals sufficiently raising expectations for future works. Occasionally despite a high level of artistry failure to attend to basic maintenance can lead to point deductions. Thank you for sharing this artwork.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 102 × 51 × 51 cm
Title Emma's Underwater Oasis
Volume 262.3L
Background Black
Lighting Two (2) Fluval Plant 3.0 LED strips
Filtration Fluval FX6
Plants Bucephalandra, Anubias Nana Petite, Ludwiga Super Red, Utriculuria Graminifolia, Cryptocoryne Spiralis Tiger, Althernathera Reineckii, Alternathera Lilacina, Alternanthere Reineckii Mini, Cryptocorne Parva Mini
Animals Giant Danio-5, Celestial Pearl Danio- 10, Green Neon Rasbora-10, Harlequin Rasbora- 5, Otocinclus-2, Albino Cory-3, Bamboo Shrimp- 3, Cherry Shrimp (Various Colors)- 25+, Rudolph Shrimp-2, Amano Shrimp- 6, Nerite Snails- 10, Rabbit Snails- 2
Materials Fluorite Substrate, Dragon Stone, Driftwood
Additional Information I decided to build this tank for my daughter when she was about9 months old. She was very interested to look at my existing tank and watching the fish and shrimp always calmed her down. Decided to get a much larger tank for this spot in our house and build dream tank with all kinds of plants and critters for her (and everyone else) to enjoy. Tank itself is from Glasscages, I made the stand (not shown) with my brother and it holds the filtration and equipment behind sliding barn door on one side. The other other half is open for our cable box, etc. I ended up getting seriously injured by table saw (all healed up now) working on the stand so it took lot longer to get this up and running last year then planned.

Running CO2 in the tank with equipment from Aquatic Arts. Have a doser for fertilizer. Heater is Fluval. Also have aerator i run for few hours overnight.

Finally, I'm using CoralVue Hydros monitoring system to monitor temperature, PH, heater, automatic feeder, to control power to all devices, and for leak detection. Even though its gets lot of attention every day this has made the system fully automated and takes care of itself if we are away from home for few days or week.

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