#584: 50.4L Aquatic Garden Green Breeze

Angga Raditya Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Very harmonious and interesting minimalist layout.
Although it is monochromatic and the photo is a bit "washed out" the contrast of the shadows and the hardscape material provides a good work of positive volumes. The negative or empty volumes on the other hand were neglected and could have had more personality.
The front part despite being parallel has a certain dynamism due to the plants and hardscape material... but it could be better.
The most important factor that must be observed is that the "Nagare" (vital flow) of the work is from right to left and unfortunately the shoal swims in the opposite direction fighting with the image.
Details that must be assimilated and taken into consideration in future layouts!
Congratulations anyway!
— Andre Longarco
This artwork is beautiful showcasing an abstract and artistic arrangement of driftwood. The selection and placement of aquatic plants are excellent. It seems like the photo may not entirely capture the sophistication of the artwork. Shooting in RAW and post-processing might help to preserve the original feeling of the piece as much as possible. The dark background treatment is fantastic but personally I wonder how it would look if a backlit brighter approach were used. Thank you for this wonderful piece.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 28 cm
Title Green Breeze
Volume 50.4L
Background Black background panel
Lighting Chihiros WRGB 2 Slim 60cm
Filtration Jebo 625 800L/h & Topka 604b 800L/h
Plants Eleocharis Acicularis, Eleocharis Parvula, Helanthium Tenellum, Cryptocoryne
Parva, Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Fissidens Fontanus, Vesicularia
montagnei, Potamogeton Gayi, Hydrocotyle Tripartita, Heteranthera
Zosterifolia, Marsilea Quadrifolia, Microsorum Pteropus Narrow Leaf Mini,
Vallisneria americana var. Natans, Vallisneria Nana
Animals Red Pencil Fish
Materials Local Brand Substrat, Silica Sand, Lava Rock, Local drift wood

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