#589: 5.8L Wabi-Kusa Dream

Samurdha Manthila baththaramulla, Sri Lanka

Awards and Comments

Top Five
The hardscape of this wabi kusa competes considerably with the longer stems present. These red-hued stems compliment their vessel well.

This wabi kusa has some pleasant moments including the impressive height from red stem plants. Though browning and damaged plants towards the base of the ball by the waterline disappoint.

The wabi kusa also gives clear indications of being grown elsewhere. Ludwigia aerial roots drape unnaturally against the vessel giving the impression this wabi kusa was dropped in and fluffed before shooting.

Dying stem leaves towards the water line also border the line between "the embrace of imperfection" and lacking husbandry.

Overall a pleasant display with room to improve and grow.
— Jack McCarley
The red of the Ludwigia gives a nice emphasis to the Wabi Kusa and the variety of textures of the other green plants provides a natural and wild feel to the layout. Good use of smaller wood to cmplement your smaller plants. Good job.
— Bailin Shaw
This is a lovely graceful Wabi Kusa and it is pretty clear that you DID use a Wabi Kusa ball but in the future please remember the requirement to SHOW us a photo of your Wabi Kusa ball!!! (it can be during the building phase!)
— Karen Randall
The variety of leaf sizes shapes and color is great. Adds a lot to the arrangement. The thin wood is also complementary to the arrangement and doesn't overwhelm it. I would have cut some of the leaves back however because while the thin wood complements the leaves the leaves overwhelm it and its hard to see.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm
Title Dream
Volume 5.8L
Background white board
Lighting DIY Light
Filtration no
Plants montecarlo,s.repens,rotala macranda, ludwigia arcuata, ludwigia rubin,ludwigia super red,azolla,red rooster ,anubias coffefolia,pinnatifida
Animals no animals
Materials small drift wood
Additional Information weekly water change

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