#596: 200L Aquatic Garden Mangroves the nature’s guardians

Asaftei Adrian Cristian Ploiesti, Romania

Awards and Comments

Third Place
What a well-executed forest layout.
Excellent perspective and sense of depth. Great power lines good shadows and accurate detailing.
Healthy plants and attractive side reflections.
I really liked the fluidity of the work congratulations!
— Andre Longarco
The initial impression of a well-maintained piece without algae is always positive. This artwork appears to have been elevated into a more remarkable piece through its natural structure and combination of aquatic plants alongside that good first impression. I believe the artist's uniqueness adds to what could be an otherwise ordinary composition. However in such flawlessly crafted artwork where shortcomings are hard to find even a slight addition of the artist's personal touch could lead to the creation of an even more splendid piece. Thank you for this wonderful artwork and congratulations.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 40 cm
Title Mangroves the nature’s guardians
Volume 200L
Lighting Week Aqua Phoenix D + Tetronic led 980
Filtration Tetratec Ex 1200 plus
Plants Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala sp. green, Limnophila aromatica mini, Potamogeton Gayi, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Hygrophila lancea araguaia, Hygrophila polysperma rosanervig, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Anubias nana, Anubias nana white, Anubias nana mini, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne , Cryptocoryne amicorum, Marsilea hirsuta, Eleocharis pusilla, Callicostela prabaktiana, Coral moss, Flame moss, Monosolenium Tenerum
Animals Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi, Hemigrammus erythrozonus, Crossocheilus siamensis
Materials lava rock, local driftwood
Additional Information Inspired by mangrove forest, reason why I used straight roots for the trees and also aerial roots
I imagined the flooded forest and tried to make it as natural and as wild as I could.
I took the photo with the fishes in the root area because the roots offers shelter for so many species of fish.

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