#605: 160L Dutch Aquascape DREAM OF HEAVEN

kamran shayanfar tehran, Iran

Awards and Comments

Top Five
I see a very colorful tank with a lot of plant groups.
I miss a map with a schedule where the plant numbers refer to.
I would prefer fewer species and some of the groups could be bigger then.
I see too many red plant groups touching each other.
I doubt if Cabomba caroliniana will live very long in this tank.
Beautiful large school of harlequin rasbora. I also think I see two Brachygobius nunus. These are not mentioned. B. nunus is native to Asia. Its natural habitat is saltwater swamps and stream estuaries.
Technology well hidden and out of sight.
— Bart Laurens
This person has what it takes to win the competition but there are some issues: 1) the color rendition of the photo needs work…everything looks purple 2) the Hydrocotyle street and Staurogyne need trimming 3) too many species especially reds 4) too many red plants next to other red plants 5) Rotala ramosior Sunset is not a good candidate for the foreground. Could benefit from a large-leaf plant and something dark green. Another great tank but a missed opportunity. Fix these issues and I urge you to re-enter the competition next year and you might take the top spot.
— Vin Kutty
A really impressive work made by somebody who clearly understands the concept of this style.

Most of the composition flows naturally and the contrasts are often stunning. A pity that the left side appears like the leftover plants that could not find a better spot were all placed there and that is why to me this tank is not the absolute winner.

Funny enough that is the same kind of issue we see with more people that practice style and are plant collectors at the same time. ;-)

Last comment however is that I have doubts on what the real colors actually are in this tank; because it appears to have been heavily colorgraded.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Volume 160L
Background black paint
Lighting week aqua p900
Filtration samp
Plants 1:rotalapink
2:rotala sp colorata
3:rotala sunset
4:nesaea golden
5:rotala bonsai
6:rotala macranda
8:palustris cuba
10:pogostemon erectus
11:moss phoenix
12:ammannia grancilis
13:limnophila aromatica
14:rotala wallichii
15:cabomba furacata
16:cabomba caroliniana
18:ludwigia tornado
20:tonina belem
Animals 1:harle quin rasbora
2:siamese algae eater
3:red cherry shrimp
Additional Information Master Line full series

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