#629: 360L Aquatic Garden YAKUSHIMA

Vladimír Tomek Lysá nad Labem, Czech Republic


Most aquascapers deliberate heavily on the material and the proportion of aquatic plants when completing their artworks. The artist of this particular piece seems to show traces of such considerations. Personally I've pondered whether reducing the proportion of aquatic plants a bit and showcasing a bit more of the driftwood might have made it even more impressive. Nevertheless the current appearance is already stunning. Thank you for this magnificent piece of art.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Volume 360L
Background Lightground
Lighting 2x ADA RGB 110w
Filtration Eheim 1200 XLT
Plants Anubias mini coin
Asplenium normale
Bolbitis compact
Bucephalandra brownie phantom mini
Bucephalandra catherinae mini
Bucephalandra mini coin
Crepidomanes borneo
Crepidomanes grape leaf
Crepidomanes hanoi
Eleocharis mini
Eriocaulon cinereum
Fissidens fontanus
Fissidens fontanus mini
Fissidens miroshaki
Helanthium tenellum
Hemianthus callitrichoides cuba
Christmas moss
Juncus repens
Marsilea crenata
Micranthemum Monte Carlo
Myriophyllum scabratum
Pilo moss
Riccardia chamedryfolia
Weeping moss
Animals 40x Trigonostigma espei
15x Boraras urophthalmoides
12x Otocinclus affinis
200x Neocaridina davidi red rili
30x Clithon sp.
Materials ADA Amazonia, ADA Amazonia Powder, ADA Colorado Sand, ADA La Plata Sand
Additional Information I know yakushima only from pictures on the internet, but this piece of nature absolutely enchanted me. so I decided to try to build it at home and get closer to my dream to visit this place once in person

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