#640: 20.5L Aquatic Garden Rocky Road

Kawin Arponiam Bangkok, Thailand

Awards and Comments

Third Place
It's amazing how this aquarium appears to be bigger than it really is! Thanks to the excellent sensitivity and technique of the author who is probably a great lover of Nature and natural environments.
Excellent choice of rocks well detailed and with good shadows that further detail their texture almost perfect positioning and with a lots of movement. Even though it's a narrow aquarium the sense of depth of field is impressive.
The happy choice of fish and plants and their correct proportion to the size of the display make this work a true jewel!
Congratulations you got my attention and admiration!!!
— Andre Longarco
This style of artwork is significantly reliant on the choice of materials as it determines the quality of the final piece. The role of the materials is substantial and this choice entirely relies on the creator's vision and skills. This aquascaper seems to possess exceptional abilities in this regard. The arrangement of the rocks is beautiful and the aquatic plants have been used judiciously. Especially the detail in the foreground is incredibly impressive. Personally it might have been better to cover the sticker at the bottom of the tank before taking the photograph. While it might not affect the assessment of the artwork it could be slightly distracting during appreciation. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 22 × 26 cm
Title Rocky Road
Volume 20.5L
Background Light Screen
Lighting Chihiros CII RGB
Filtration TRU Exteral Filter
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides 'cuba' ,eleocharis parvula mini ,Bucepharandra moss ,Mirosaki moss
Animals Boraras urophthalmoides
Materials Rock

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