#686: 72L Aquatic Garden Announces If The Storm

Aldo Santana Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
A work that makes me happy. Good selection of used plants with nice colors. Personally not a huge fan of the background color that was used in this case. Overall really nice work congrats!
— Nigel Hoevenaar
Multicolored layout with lots of personality.
Good hardscape work with good shadows and a good sense of depth. However the positioning is very centralized dividing the aquarium into two very equal parts. A 3:2 ratio would be very welcome in this case especially when dealing with a 60cm aquarium. This way the work would gain much more harmony and dynamism.
Beautiful choice of plants very healthy by the way with just one caveat regarding the density of the Rotalas.
I liked the work on the reflections and especially the general appearance of the aquarium!
Congratulations I would have one of these in my office!
— Andre Longarco
This artwork may seem symmetrical and monotonous due to its design but the thoughtful use of aquatic plants makes it appear more diverse. The limitations of smaller-sized tanks often restrict the use of aquatic plants which is somewhat evident in this piece. However despite these constraints it seems to have been completed as a fantastic artwork without significantly affecting the overall impression. I wonder how it would look if the rocks were angled a bit more towards the front. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 30 cm
Title Announces If The Storm
Volume 72L
Lighting Led
Filtration Filtro Canister
Plants Rotala "BSD", Rotala "h`ra", Staurogyne repens, Anubia nana "petit", Hygrophyla "pinnatifida", Limnophyla "vietnã", Callitriche, Hemianthus "callitrichoides", Microssorum "narrow leaf", Microssorum "golia", Pogostemon "helferi", Bucephalandra sp., Lobelia 'small form", Echinodorus "tenellus", Eleocharis "minima", Potamogeton "gayi", Fissidens "fontanus" e Christmas moss.
Animals Hemigrammus sp., e Tanichthys Albonubes.
Materials Dragon Stone

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